Monday, August 11, 2014

Want more Funeral Crashing? Ethan's Point Of View from Adventures in Funeral Crashing!

Have you ever wondered what Ethan was thinking while Kait was investigating one of her mysteries in my Adventures in Funeral Crashing series? Here's your chance to find out!

Want more Funeral Crashing??!?!?!!?!
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And, by the way, for all of you waiting - I am starting to write Funeral Crashing #4 this month! I'm really excited about it!!!!!

In the meantime, want a sneak peak of the Ethan Point of View scene?  

**SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't read Funeral Crashing #1 yet, bookmark this page and read it later!!!!!**

Here's the first part....

            Kait looked amazing. I knew I should decide what I was eating, but I couldn't focus on the menu in front of me. I couldn't stop looking at her. Why did she look amazing for Troy? He might be a serial killer.  She should have worn something more homely so he wouldn't be interested in her. How could she be wearing the sexiest dress I had ever seen for him? She was usually in jeans and a T-shirt or a conservative black dress. Why had she dressed up? It was just The Burger. I had to make sure Troy didn't get too close to her. I knew he'd want to. She looked beautiful. I had to protect her. She couldn't end up like Liz.
            I glanced at Kait. She seemed absorbed in her menu. I willed her to look up, but she didn't. I wanted her green eyes to meet mine more than anything. Maybe I could convince her to stand Troy up. Seriously, what was so interesting about the milkshakes? I had to get her attention. Why was I suddenly tongue-tied?
            Before I could get the words out, Troy was sliding into the booth next to her while checking her out. "Hey, Kait. You look awesome!"
            I squeezed my hand into a fist. I wanted to grab Kait and leave, but I knew she'd never come with me now that Troy had arrived. I had missed my chance to whisk her away. Now I had to make it through this ridiculous double date. I tried to comfort myself with the thought that maybe we'd learn something more about Liz's murder, but it didn't help much. I was more anxious for Kait's safety. I wished I was the one sitting next to her.
     “Thanks,” Kait said smiling back at Troy. “Oh, and this is Ethan.”
            I couldn't look away from her smile. Why hadn't I noticed what a nice smile she had? Wait. She was smiling at Troy like that? Troy turned to look at me. I tried to make my face blank. I took a deep breath. If we had to do this we should do it right. It would only be worth it if we learned something about what happened to Liz. I focused on that and not what I hoped wasn't a lovesick look on Kait's face. She didn't like Troy did she? No. It had to be an act. I could act too.
            I smiled as warmly as I could, "Hey, man."
            "Ethan!" a girl squealed and I almost broke my smile. 

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