Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm Back!

After an insanely busy non-writing few months, I am back at it! There's no excuses except to say that life got in the way of art. Anyway, I'm trying to readjust my schedule and reassess what I will be working on. I also need to delve back into characters that I haven't spoken to in awhile. I'm looking forward to that!

My plans so far are (and as I tweak release dates, I will keep you posted! Most likely on Twitter, Facebook, etc.):

Death by Chocolate with a February 28th, 2017 release date. It will be in Kindle Unlimited for those of you who have that. I've just started working on it again and hope to have the draft done in the next couple of weeks. 

Adventures in French Sleuthing with a May 2017 release date. The earlier the better, actually. I am really looking forward to writing about Kait again and I plan to write that book fast because the idea has been in my head for months and months and months.

After that...I am not sure yet. I really want to work on Doppelganger 3, the next Funeral Crashing mystery (I have ideas for the next 2 books after French Sleuthing!!!), Hillary for President (yes, even though the namesake behind it lost because the story was meant to be about elections, strong women, and the race for the presidency anyway!), the next New Girl book, and the next book in the Crashing Prom series. I have other books in my head that I want to write too that you don't even know about! If you have an opinion on what I should get to after Death by Chocolate and Adventures in French Sleuthing, please leave a comment or message me at I'd love to hear what my readers want next!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016


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Good luck everyone!!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A New Writing Project: Hillary for President!

I have a new writing project that I'm really excited about. For those of you that have been following me since I started my indie writing journey in 2012 with Adventures in Funeral Crashing, you'd know that I love writing challenges. That first Funeral Crashing book was originally started in 2011 during the 3 Day Novel Contest. Crashing Prom's first draft was also a 3 Day Novel. One of my other books, The New Girl Who Found a Dead Body was a NaNoWriMo novel.

What I'm about to do, is start a new writing challenge. It's exciting because for the last couple of years it has been tough for me to do writing challenges. I have toddler twins and my writing time has most definitely been impacted by that huge life change. I'm so tired! I've been searching for a motivator lately, to push me on even when the twins have exhausted me (which is most days of running after any toddler) and I think this is it!

Aren't they adorable?
So, here's what I'm planning! Starting today, I've published the first chapter of Hillary for President.

About the book: Hillary Rhodes is excited to be starting her senior year, but running for class president is not on her agenda. Mostly, she just wants to make it out of high school and she's quite happy to be invisible. That all changes when she gets nominated for senior class president. Will she rise to the challenge? More importantly, can she win? 

I officially decided to write it on June 7th, 2016 when Hillary Clinton gave her speech claiming the Democratic nomination. Whether you're for her or not, it was a huge moment in United States history!

Yes...that's only a few weeks ago. The thing is, it is so inspiring! It's history in the making! Anybody can be president! I was truly inspired, for myself, for my daughters, and for future generations. I wanted to write about that, in my way.

You know, now that I think about it, the general idea for Hillary for President had actually come to me over a year ago when Hillary Clinton decided to run for president in the first place. Again, it was just so inspiring to see a woman run for president!

At the time, I just didn't know how I should undertake such a project. Was I the right person to even write a political story? I don't write political satire, you know? But then again, I realized that I can look even further back and see the seed for this story. I actually had a story started for a 3 Day Novel contest years ago (about eight actually because I think it was when Hillary was running against Obama!). That book was about a quiet girl who eventually became the first woman president of the United States (it's told in flashback), but it was never finished. So, as you can see, the story has been in my head for awhile. FOR YEARS. Whether I'm the right person to write a political satire or not, I am and I'm going to write it in my style, my way. Truthfully, I don't think I've ever read a YA novel about student elections (I'd love to hear about some good ones!), so this is definitely new territory for me. It's kind of scary, actually, but I quickly realized that I had to write this book now if I was going to write it. So, here I go! Carpe diem! 

HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT is a serialized novel so the way I'm writing this is very different from how I usually write my books. I will publish a chapter, starting now, every Tuesday, all the way until Election Day: November 8th, 2016. So, yes, it's a serial and part of the fun is being along for the ride!!!! I have a very general outline (and am working to fill it in fast so that I can build the story adequately, although I also want to leave room to wiggle if something interesting happens in the real election!), but I will be writing about a 5000+ word chapter every week to be published the following week. I'm looking at it being like writing an episodic television show, except that I'll be releasing a chapter of a novel every week. That is why I'm calling them episodes. Each episode will cost $0.99, but it will also be in Kindle Unlimited. I'm going to do the best job at this that I can. It is a story that I am very compelled to write and I hope that you will all enjoy the ride along with me!

I know that with about 20 or so episodes, buying each one can get pricey. I think it's part of the fun reading it week by week and if you look at it that way, it's not that much a week. Still, I'm hoping that many of you have Kindle Unlimited and can read it through that program for free. They do offer a FREE 30 day trial if that interests you: Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial My ebooks Murderous Muffins (Book 1, Killer Cupcakes is FREE to all) and Crashing Prom are also currently in KU, so you'd be able to read those as well if you join.

And I know I usually write mysteries, but in some ways this book is a mystery too - it's just of a different kind. Who will be senior class president? You have to read it to find out!!!!!  

Okay. Pause here. I know that some of you are like: "Wait!?!?!!?! What about Death by Chocolate (Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #3) and Adventures in French Sleuthing (Funeral Crashing #5)? And Doppelganger 3?!?!!? I've been waiting ages for that one!" My plan is to keep pushing forward on those books too. I want them all written by the end of the year. Now, that will be tough with an extra 5000 words to write and edit every week, but I want to keep the deadlines I have for all of you die hard Milda Harris fans as well. That's why this is even a bigger challenge. I really want to work on upping my writing productivity and thus becoming a better and more successful writer. I'm really going to try my best to do it all.

Wish me luck! Happy reading! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Title Reveal for Funeral Crashing #5!

Funeral Crashing #5 will be coming out later this year. I'm working on getting the cover finished, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you all in on the name of the book!

Ready? Okay, here it is! Funeral Crashing #5 is going to be called Adventures in French Sleuthing! I'm shooting for it to be out by Fall 2016 or sooner! Woo-hoo more funeral crashing! I know I can't wait to start writing it! I'm getting ready to do that right now. It's in the outlining and brainstorming phase.  

In the meantime, I'm writing Death By Chocolate, a Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery. The first book in that series, Killer Cupcakes is FREE if you want to check it out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Death By Chocolate (Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #3) Cover Reveal

Here is the cover for DEATH BY CHOCOLATE, Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #3! It will be out in July 2016! 

Check back next week for more about Death by Chocolate! I'll count down the weeks to its release with the book blurb, excerpts, and more! 

Let me know how you're liking the series so far! I'm having a blast writing them! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Murderous Muffins is available on Amazon Kindle now!

It's MURDEROUS MUFFINS release day! It's Book #2 in the Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery series. I'm super excited about it! It's been such a fun series to write since it takes place in Hollywood. I used to work in television and I live in Los Angeles so it's been fun to put all of that knowledge into my books! 

Haven't started the Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery series? That's okay! Book #1, KILLER CUPCAKES, is currently FREE!!!! Check it out! 

Get it for FREE on: AMAZON | B&N | ITUNES | KOBO

About Killer Cupcakes: Ava's first day of work at Celebrity Cupcakes and Coffee goes horribly awry when television star Penelope Rose drops dead after eating the first cupcake. Horrified that she might be at the top of the list of suspects, Ava and her totally hot co-worker Easton set out to investigate what happened. Will they be able to solve the mystery or will Ava's first day of work be her last? 

About Murderous Muffins: Ava is excited to go on a Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour with her co-workers from Celebrity Cupcakes and Coffee. Besides hoping to spot someone famous, she's hoping that she'll finally get an opportunity to snuggle up next to Easton. Too bad someone else has other ideas...murderous ones. 

Now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Make sure to join my mailing list for the latest news and FREEBIES!!!! 

Tomorrow I'll be revealing the cover for Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #3, Death by Chocolate due out on June 28th, 2016! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!! The Plan For 2016 and a New Release!

Happy New Year! Adventures of a New Year's Date is out now!
Happy New Year! 

I'm releasing a Funeral Crashing short story called Adventures of a New Year's Date for the new year. It's a companion to Adventures of a New Year's Kiss, the novella featuring Suzie Whitsett searching for her missing necklace. Adventures of a New Year's Date follows Claire, one of the suspects in Adventures of a New Year's Kiss, and her first date with Dave Rickerson. It's a sweet romantic holiday story with a minor mystery as Claire tries to figure out why rich and popular Dave would ask her out on a New Year's date. 

The book blurb: Claire Murray has no idea why handsome, popular Dave Rickerson would want to ask her on a New Year's date. They've never even spoken before and suddenly he's pulling out all the stops to get her to go. Is there something he's not telling her or is this a fairy tale New Year's Eve about to come true?

I actually wrote it last year when I wrote Adventures of a New Year's Kiss because the story behind Claire and Dave's first date intrigued me. I reread it this December and decided to release it after some editing and adding to the story. There may eventually be more to this release, but I'll leave you to ponder what I mean by that...I do like mysteries after all!

Join my mailing list and you can get short stories like it for FREE when I release them.  I still have some Funeral Crashing Ethan POV's to email out in 2016 so it's a good list to be on! Yes, I'm still planning on writing those. I'm using them as my prep for writing Funeral Crashing #5.

Other than that, what are my 2016 plans? When is Funeral Crashing 5 coming out? What about Doppelganger 3? 

Here are the novellas and books I'm hoping to release in the order I plan on writing them: 

1. Murderous Muffins (Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #2) - Pre-order for Murderous Muffins is live now with the release being on April 27, 2016. This will be an Amazon Prime book for all of you Prime members. I released the first book in the series, Killer Cupcakes, in December and that one is a wide release right now.

2. Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #3 - shooting for June 28th, 2016. This will also be an Amazon Prime book for all of you Prime members.

3. Funeral Crashing #5 - shooting for Summer 2016. I've already started outlining. I know what it's going to be about and I know what happens with Ethan/Kait/Troy. You'll have to wait and read it to find out! I'll be teasing this one early. I'm already having my cover designer work on the cover...

4. Doppelganger #3 - shooting for Fall 2016. I have a slight feeling Doppelganger may not wrap up in book #3 like I'd planned. There's so much more to tell. If it doesn't, I'll write Doppelganger #4 right after because I really want to wrap up the story for everyone and unlike the Funeral Crashing books, each book really leads into the next one. I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to get to it. I blame my own little Doppelgangers. ;)  

Super adorable though, right?
There may also be some more Funeral Crashing and Doppelganger novellas. Maybe. I have some ideas. Are you all enjoying the side stories?   

After those books, I have a bunch of other books I want to write, but I won't commit to them just yet. I'll leave them a mystery since all of them involve completely new stories. I do have a couple of questions for my fantastic readers, though! Is anybody interested in New Girl #2 or Crashing Prom #2? Those could be on my list for later! 

I'm also thinking about writing a pilot to pitch to Amazon for an original tween series. I'll let you know about that if/when I decide to do it! I'll need your online support!

Happy New Year 2016! Happy reading!