Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!! The Plan For 2016 and a New Release!

Happy New Year! Adventures of a New Year's Date is out now!
Happy New Year! 

I'm releasing a Funeral Crashing short story called Adventures of a New Year's Date for the new year. It's a companion to Adventures of a New Year's Kiss, the novella featuring Suzie Whitsett searching for her missing necklace. Adventures of a New Year's Date follows Claire, one of the suspects in Adventures of a New Year's Kiss, and her first date with Dave Rickerson. It's a sweet romantic holiday story with a minor mystery as Claire tries to figure out why rich and popular Dave would ask her out on a New Year's date. 

The book blurb: Claire Murray has no idea why handsome, popular Dave Rickerson would want to ask her on a New Year's date. They've never even spoken before and suddenly he's pulling out all the stops to get her to go. Is there something he's not telling her or is this a fairy tale New Year's Eve about to come true?

I actually wrote it last year when I wrote Adventures of a New Year's Kiss because the story behind Claire and Dave's first date intrigued me. I reread it this December and decided to release it after some editing and adding to the story. There may eventually be more to this release, but I'll leave you to ponder what I mean by that...I do like mysteries after all!

Join my mailing list and you can get short stories like it for FREE when I release them.  I still have some Funeral Crashing Ethan POV's to email out in 2016 so it's a good list to be on! Yes, I'm still planning on writing those. I'm using them as my prep for writing Funeral Crashing #5.

Other than that, what are my 2016 plans? When is Funeral Crashing 5 coming out? What about Doppelganger 3? 

Here are the novellas and books I'm hoping to release in the order I plan on writing them: 

1. Murderous Muffins (Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #2) - Pre-order for Murderous Muffins is live now with the release being on April 27, 2016. This will be an Amazon Prime book for all of you Prime members. I released the first book in the series, Killer Cupcakes, in December and that one is a wide release right now.

2. Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #3 - shooting for June 28th, 2016. This will also be an Amazon Prime book for all of you Prime members.

3. Funeral Crashing #5 - shooting for Summer 2016. I've already started outlining. I know what it's going to be about and I know what happens with Ethan/Kait/Troy. You'll have to wait and read it to find out! I'll be teasing this one early. I'm already having my cover designer work on the cover...

4. Doppelganger #3 - shooting for Fall 2016. I have a slight feeling Doppelganger may not wrap up in book #3 like I'd planned. There's so much more to tell. If it doesn't, I'll write Doppelganger #4 right after because I really want to wrap up the story for everyone and unlike the Funeral Crashing books, each book really leads into the next one. I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to get to it. I blame my own little Doppelgangers. ;)  

Super adorable though, right?
There may also be some more Funeral Crashing and Doppelganger novellas. Maybe. I have some ideas. Are you all enjoying the side stories?   

After those books, I have a bunch of other books I want to write, but I won't commit to them just yet. I'll leave them a mystery since all of them involve completely new stories. I do have a couple of questions for my fantastic readers, though! Is anybody interested in New Girl #2 or Crashing Prom #2? Those could be on my list for later! 

I'm also thinking about writing a pilot to pitch to Amazon for an original tween series. I'll let you know about that if/when I decide to do it! I'll need your online support!

Happy New Year 2016! Happy reading!