Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Title Reveal for Funeral Crashing #3!

Funeral Crashing books #1 and #2 are above, but what is the title to book #3????

This is it! For any of you Funeral Crashing fans...this is the book title reveal for Funeral Crashing #3! I'll reveal the official book cover on Friday! The book itself is out on July 8, 2013! 

Are you ready for it???????

Drum roll, please!!!! 

Wait, this is the internet and just a blog, how can I do a drumroll?!?!?!

Okay, now I'm being totally silly!!!!

And wasting your time!!!!

Now, this is really it!!!!

I swear!!!


And the title is!!!!

Adventures in Murder Chasing!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone and I'll be back with the Adventures in Murder Chasing book cover in a couple of days! I hope you're as excited about this latest Funeral Crashing book as I am! I have great ideas for book #4 too! I'll be starting on that as soon as I wrap up the first draft of Doppelganger #3!