Friday, March 20, 2015

YA Spring Fling GIVEAWAY and an Interview with Author M.A. George!


It's the YA Spring Fling Blog Hop! What's that you say? Well, a ton of other authors and I are giving away a whole bunch of books, swag, and more!!

There's a YA genre for everyone!!!! I'm giving away multiple ebook copies of my Paranormal Romance/Science Fiction Romance Doppelganger, so make sure to enter and win! The YA Spring Fling giveaway runs from March 20th to April 3rd!!!

Many of us are also interviewing one author on our blog. For my stop, I'm interviewing author M.A. George! Her book Aqua is one of the books being given away! Make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY at the end of this blog and win some books and/or swag!!!!! 

An Interview with Author M.A. George the author of Aqua! 

What’s the best thing about being a writer?
I love when ideas pop randomly into my head—in the shower, at the grocery store, or while I’m staring absently out the kitchen window and smearing peanut butter on my thumb instead of on the bread—and a fresh new story plays out in my head.  It’s like reading a page-turner for the first time, waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens to my characters next.
What’s the worst thing about being a writer?
When my mind can’t conjure one solitary splinter of an original plot line to save my life.  That’s when scrubbing the toilets starts to sound like a fun diversion.
Plotter or Pantser?
Pantser all the way.  I make a general outline at the outset of a new novel, and I tweak it along the way, but I always end up miles from where I began.  Usually it’s a thrilling ride—not knowing which way the story will take me—but sometimes I feel as though my characters are languishing in the spotlight beam and awkwardly waiting for me to feed them the next line, wondering why their director is wielding a toilet scrub brush.
What are your top tips for surviving a bad review?
I think there are two types of bad reviews.  The mean-spirited ones that blatantly trash a book don’t bother me, because usually it’s obvious that the story just wasn’t a good fit for that reader from page one.  As a reader, I don’t pay attention to that type of review when I’m browsing the virtual shelves for new books, so I have to hope that most other readers don’t put too much weight on them either.  As an author, I tend to dwell more on thoughtful reviews of my books that point out flaws I can also see.  Of course, I’d love to pretend all of my creations are flawless models of literary perfection, but let’s be honest…I’d probably keep rewriting and tweaking every chapter for a hundred years if it were possible.  Rather than wallowing in self-pity when a new reader sees fault in my meticulously crafted story, I try to use it to make the next story better.  Make sure not to make that same mistake again.  Or if I don’t agree with the reader’s opinion, I chalk it up to differing tastes and try to shrug it off, while consuming several heaping spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry’s.
What are your top tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse?
I’m afraid I can only divulge my foolproof plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse to those who bribe me with jars of peanut butter, books, or foot massages.  I’ll throw in a free travel-size bottle of Zombie Repellant 3000 if you include all of the above forms of payment.  (Kidding, by the way.  I don’t actually know the secret formula for zombie repellant.  I do, however, plan to survive the zombie apocalypse by subsisting on stockpiled peanut butter and books.  Wouldn’t actually be that much different from my current circumstances...)
Thanks for the interview!  It was a blast. :)
Thank you M.A. George! It was nice having you on my blog! Make sure to check out her website too:
To enter to win a copy of one of a gabillion ebooks (including my book Doppelganger!) and more enter the YA Spring Fling Giveaway -!ya-spring-fling/ciql 
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Happy Spring Everyone!!!!!!! 


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