Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RELEASE DAY! GIVEAWAY! FREE BOOK! It's a Party Because Adventures in Homicide and Heartbreak (Funeral Crashing #4) Is Finally Here!

Get it now on Amazon Kindle!

ADVENTURES IN HOMICIDE AND HEARTBREAK is now available to buy at your favorite ebook retailer! I'm so excited to finally release it! 

About the book: Kait Lenox and Ethan Ripley are officially in the I love you stage and they can't keep their hands off each other. When she's not making out with Ethan, Kait also has a new internship at the local police department. Kait's life is finally perfect, that is until she sees her boss interrogating someone she knows. It's Troy, her ex-BFF Ariel's boyfriend and it looks like he's going to be accused of murder. Kait knows she probably shouldn't get involved and that Ethan will hate it, but she just can't help herself!

Buy it now on: 
 AND some smaller ebook retailers also have it! The paperback is coming this month to Amazon, BN, & Createspace!


Losing It: A Collection of V-Cards (ONLY for mature readers, 18+) is FREE May 11-13. Ethan and Kait have a steamy scene in it. There's also 21 other great authors you should meet! Their scenes are swoonworthy! Get it now on AMAZON before it goes back up to $3.99!

AND...make sure to join my mailing list! Starting this month (May 2015) I'll be sending out the Ethan POV's from each of the Funeral Crashing books to my mailing list before I put them up for sale on Amazon. It's a huge freebie for my mailing list subscribers! Join ASAP so that you don't miss out!!!!!! http://www.mildaharris.com/p/contact.html


And now for a release week GIVEAWAY! Win ebook copies of ALL of the Funeral Crashing ebooks! Enter below and WIN! Already read them? That's okay! Enter anyway and I'll exchange them for other books that I've written of your choice or you can win an Amazon Giftcard for their cash value!

You can also still enter to win a signed paperback copy of Adventures in Homicide and Heartbreak on Goodreads (ends May 15th, 2015): https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/136561-adventures-in-homicide-and-heartbreak


Make sure to also check out the first chapter of Adventures in Homicide and Heartbreak which I posted here: EXCERPT  

I'll be posting more this week about writing the book, Funeral Crashing #5, and more! Check back!


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