Monday, November 18, 2013

Doppelganger 2 Update

Lol. My newborn twins dancing the night away! Aka keeping me up all night. (Thanks to Brett Gilbert for the photo)

It's been a crazy year! I am now a mom to two doppelgangers! Okay, okay, identical twins. (We all know they're really doppelgangers though!)

That being said...when is Doppelganger 2 coming out? SOON! I'm working on the rewrite. I'm majorly reworking the beginning of the book to make it more exciting/suspenseful/awesome! Look for it in January 2013!

In the meantime a sneak peak at the first paragraph of the book:

I was sleeping next to Aedan Finnigan and it should have been a dream come true. It would have been if my life was normal. Too bad my life was never going to be normal again. I could just barely make out Aedan's features in the darkness. It didn't matter, though. I had his features memorized. First there was his red hair, which brought out his intense green eyes and those made the way his lips curved when he smiled all the more sexy.  His lips. Now I was thinking about kissing him and that brought me back to reality. I had never kissed Aedan Finnigan, but I had kissed his doppelganger.


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