Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Writing Process (With Pictures!)

Little Milda writes. I started young.

Thanks to Christina Daley for tagging me in this awesome blog hop (and find her on Twitter @cdaleywrite). 

Now for the Q&A: 

What am I working on?

Um...surviving twins!

My baby twins love to dance the night away...aka wake me up every chance they get!

Lol! And while that's true enough I am writing every spare minute I find! Appropriately, I just wrapped up a paranormal romance/ scifi romance book Doppelganger 2: On The Run which is available now for pre-order on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo for a discounted price of $0.99. I am still doing a little work on alternate scenes from Aedan's and Doppel-Aedan's POV from that series to put in a final collection of the trilogy.

So excited to finally release Doppelganger 2!
Otherwise, I'm also writing two other books. I'm outlining Doppelganger 3. I normally don't outline since I'm a pantser (write by the seat of my pants!), but the Doppelganger series is so intricate that I think an outline will help me keep it straight. I'm also adding to a novel I wrote a few years ago for the 3 Day Novel Contest.  I'm tentatively calling it Crashing Prom and it's a new adult Romantic Comedy/ Chick Lit book, but it will probably be called something a little different eventually since I already have a YA book called Adventures in Funeral Crashing. The general idea: A twenty something year old girl gets dumped and decides that regrets aren't worth it. So, she faces her biggest regret, which was not going to prom in high school...and it goes from there! 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, my genres are all over the place, but I tend to write about topics that aren't overwritten like funeral crashing and doppelgangers.

The only other funeral crashing story I can think of might be Harold and Maude and that's a movie.
I like having an interesting twist to my books. It's usually what makes me want to write a novel. So, yeah, I grab that one interesting thing and write away!  

Why do I write what I do?

I write what inspires me and what I read. I've always loved YA horror and mystery, so I write those. I also love chick lit, so many of my characters tend to have a chick lit voice and there's always romance in my books.

I love love. Sigh. Romance.

How does your writing process work?

Well, it starts with coffee...

Lots and lots and lots of coffee.

Then I turn on my computer, stare at it, and then I procrastinate on the internet because I don't know what to write next.

Internet surfing rocks as a procrastination method!!!!

And finally, I start writing and try and type away for as long as I can. I'm a pantser for the most part (although I do have plot points I'm trying to hit), so I just write, write, write! Then when I get stuck, I procrastinate again (eat lunch, play with dog, call friends, the options are endless!) and the circle continues.

And that's my writing process! Now, meet another writer!


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