Saturday, June 28, 2014

Doppelgangers! Doppelgangers! Doppelgangers! Doppelganger 2: On the Run Saturday! Plus GIVEAWAY!

My real life doppelgangers endorse Doppelganger 2: On the Run! Lol!
Doppelgangers! Doppelgangers! Doppelgangers! It's Doppelganger 2: On the Run Release Saturday! It's STILL $0.99 cents, but today is the last day, so get it now before the price goes up to $2.99 tomorrow!

Here are the ebook buy links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Smashwords | and more!

And, yes, I do have identical twin babies! Weird, right? I found out I was pregnant with twins while writing Doppelganger 2: On the Run. Surprise! And really eerie, right? #Fate I'm a little afraid to start writing Doppelganger 3. I know someone whose brother has 2 sets of twins. Eek!

I'm also excited to note that this morning on Amazon, Doppelganger 2: On the Run was doing great! Woo-hoo! 
If you bought the book this weekend - you rock!!!!! And please, please, please write reviews! They really help authors spread the word about their books and give readers an idea of what to expect! It's the best way to give back to the authors you love!

I'm also STILL doing a GIVEAWAY of  Doppelganger #1 and #2 ebooks to a lucky winner. Enter at the bottom of this blog! The contest still has another week to go, so enter now! And yes, if you win AND you buy them, I'll send you a giftcard to the ebook site of your choice for the amount and then you can buy even more books! Woo-hoo!!!!!!! International entrants are welcome as long as you can receive ebooks by email! 

For those of you that have only read my Funeral Crashing books, here's what The Doppelgangers series is about:


Citrus Leahy is having a really bad day. First she's late to school. Then she runs into the girl who drives her nuts because she always calls her Orange instead of her name. To cap it all off, when Citrus finally makes it to class, she sees herself already inside. Wait. What? Citrus Leahy has a doppelganger! It's probably aliens taking over the world and her life has just turned totally upside down. Goodbye, normal. Hello, paranormal! Luckily, her crush Aedan has the exact same problem!

DOPPELGANGER 2: On the Run (Spoiler alert for those of you who haven't read book #1)

The doppelgangers are coming!

Citrus Leahy is on the run from doppelgangers! Now she and a group of teenagers whose lives have also been taken over have to figure out how to stay hidden. The doppelgangers could be anywhere or anyone. Her crush Aedan makes her feel safe except that he keeps reminding her of the guy she left behind...his doppelganger! Citrus also can't forget that the doppelgangers have her mother, but she has no idea how to save her when their group is barely saving themselves. It seems like the doppelgangers are always hot on their trail and there's danger around every corner, maybe even from within.


For all of you that read Doppelganger 2: On the Run in 24 hours, check back tomorrow for another blog because I'll tell you my plans for Doppelganger 3!  


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    I just finished doppelganger2. Looking for dopple3. Can't find it anywhere. Is it out? Where can I download it?

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