Friday, November 7, 2014

Crashing Prom Release Day & Movie Cast Ideas!

Crashing Prom is available for Amazon Kindle now!

Today is the release day for CRASHING PROM on Amazon Kindle! So excited! I love release day!

Here's a little about the book: 

Avery Rylee never went to her high school prom. It is one of her biggest life regrets. Now, at the age of twenty-four, Avery has many more regrets. She is stuck in a rut with her career and she has just been dumped by her fiance. After a night of cheap wine and hitting rock bottom, all Avery wants to do is lie in bed at home with a gallon of ice cream, but her three best friends have other ideas. They have planned a cross country road trip to a prom to help Avery start over. Step one is an Ex-Bachelorette Party in Vegas to help Avery try and forget her ex-fiance. Instead of forgetting him, though Avery finds herself the star of her own web series. As a result, she goes on a filmed hunt across America to find a prom dress, a hot date, and a pair of amazing shoes. Will Avery be able to heal her heartbreak, survive internet reality show fame, and have the perfect prom?

Whenever I write a book I always think about who I'd want to play the characters in a movie. So, here are my ideal movie cast ideas for CRASHING PROM!


For AVERY, I'd pick Emma Stone. She's got great comedic timing and is such a funny, talented actress.

Emma Stone as Avery.

For VIVI, I'd pick Zooey Deschanel. She's super quirky and I love her energy. Vivi needs to be played by someone with a great energy about them. Vivi is someone that is always on! I also considered Zooey for the part of Avery because of her comedic background in The New Girl.

Zoey Deschanel as Vivi.

For TESS, I'd pick Trojan Bellisario. She plays the more studious type on Pretty Little Liars and Tess is a workaholic...

Trojan Bellisarion as Tess.

For MIA, I'd pick Gina Rodriguez. I love her on Jane the Virgin. She has a sweetness about her and that's how I see Mia.

Gina Rodriguez as Mia.

For FLYNN, I was thinking Dave Franco. He's cute.

Dave Franco as Flynn.

For LUCAS, I'd pick Nicholas Hoult. He has the most amazing eyes and smile. Plus he was great and funny in Warm Bodies.

Nicholas Hoult as Lucas.
Who would you like to see play the characters in a movie? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Check back this weekend for some more posts! And don't forget to enter the giveaway for a signed paperback of Crashing Prom on goodreads (see the link below to a previous blog!).

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FYI, CRASHING PROM is only available for Kindle right now, since I'm trying out Kindle Unlimited. I'll let everyone know when it's available on BN, iTunes, Google Play, etc. Probably in 3 months. The paperback will be out within the next week since I'm still waiting on a proof of the book to approve.  

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