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Crashing Prom Excerpt & Giveaway!

Crashing Prom is available for pre-order now!
CRASHING  PROM release week continues! It will be officially released this Friday, November 7, 2014! In today's blog I'll post an excerpt and tell you about a signed paperback giveaway of Crashing Prom! 

First, the Crashing Prom EXCERPT:

Josh Evans was my ideal prom date. He was standing about ten feet away from me at his locker. It was now or never. There was only a month left until prom and if I didn't ask him now, he'd ask someone else first. I suppose it was also possible that some other brave girl might ask him too. I had to do this now especially since I was pretty sure that there was no way that Josh was going to ask me to the prom. At least, I didn't think so. I really wasn't on his radar. Sure, we had one class together, English, but the only time we ever actually talked was when we were put into a group together to work on a project.
The last time we were in a group together was a month ago for the Shakespeare section. We were reading Romeo and Juliet. The group picked Josh for Romeo, but I wasn't the lucky Juliet. That coveted role fell to Kerri Penn. I was totally jealous at first, but it turned out that she was a great actress. She really pulled the scene off unlike Josh, who turned out to be terrible. We got our B grade because of Kerri. Josh seriously couldn't act at all. It sounded like he was reading from the book for the first time even though he'd memorized his lines. Still, even Josh was a better actor than the other guy in our group, Ben Turner. I ended up helping direct the scene with Kate Yearly. I preferred staying offstage. Attention centered on me like that freaked me out. Still, it would have been perfect being Josh's Juliet. I would have gladly braved the stage for him. 
I suppose that was still a missed opportunity for me. I could have spent time talking to Josh during that project, but I didn't. The problem was that I wasn't great at flirting. Other girls could flip their hair, giggle, and smile, but on me it came off as totally awkward and fake. I was the smart girl, at least in English, and my nose was always in a book instead of talking to the cute guy. In this case, I spent the whole time working on the directing instead of flirting. I doubt Josh even noticed me as a girl. I hated that about myself. I wanted to be better at the girly stuff, but I just wasn't. I felt weird and guys just didn't seem to look at me like that.
Sure, I wasn't popular, but I wasn't unpopular either. I was somewhere in the middle. I had plenty of friends, but no boyfriend. Still, all of my friends already had their prom dates. I was stuck going stag if I didn't find a date, although if that happened I was pretty sure that I'd rather not go at all. All of my friends didn't understand why I hadn't found a date yet. Prom was a month away. I thought I had time. I had only just realized that my time was running out if I wanted to go with my ideal prom date.
I watched Josh from my locker where I'd been watching him since the beginning of the year. I wasn't watching him in a creepy way. I just thought he was gorgeous and he was nice eye candy to spy on from my locker. It was ridiculous, but it totally made my day to just see him even if it was from afar.
 I'd known him since we were in grade school, but somewhere within the last year, Josh had gotten super hot. He had brown hair that was a little long, really awesome blue eyes, and a body that had gotten really toned and tan since he'd joined the track team. I so wanted him to ask me out. The problem was that Josh hadn't asked me out and prom was in a month, so if I wanted to go with him...
I looked at the clock on the wall that signaled the time to get to class for the students. There was about five minutes before the first bell rang and it was now or never. 


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Ok, check back as this week continues for more fun info about Crashing Prom! I plan to do a movie cast and more!

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