Monday, November 3, 2014

CRASHING PROM Release Week Begins!

Crashing Prom is available now for pre-order on Amazon Kindle!

My latest book CRASHING PROM will be released this Friday - November 7, 2014. Yay!!!! It's very exciting! I always love releasing a new book!

This book is something a little different for me. There is no mystery, sci-fi, or paranormal in it. Crashing Prom is just a fun, silly, romance book, although it's also about friendship. The main character is in her early twenties instead of in high school. Technically, Crashing Prom is a NA (New Adult) chicklit contemporary romance book and a new genre for me. Yay, new adventures! 

Here's the book blurb for a little more detail about the novel:

Avery Rylee never went to her high school prom. It is one of her biggest life regrets. Now, at the age of twenty-four, Avery has many more regrets. She is stuck in a rut with her career and she has just been dumped by her fiance. After a night of cheap wine and hitting rock bottom, all Avery wants to do is lie in bed at home with a gallon of ice cream, but her three best friends have other ideas. They have planned a cross country road trip to the prom to help Avery start over. Step one is an Ex-Bachelorette Party in Vegas to help Avery try and forget her ex-fiance. Instead of forgetting him, though, Avery finds herself the star of her own web series. As a result, she goes on a filmed hunt across America to find a prom dress, a hot date, and a pair of amazing shoes. Will Avery be able to heal her heartbreak, survive internet reality show fame, and have the perfect prom? 

Pre-order it now for Amazon Kindle:

I'll be posting quite a bit more about CRASHING PROM this week, so check back for an excerpt, a movie cast, a giveaway, and more!

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